There are three inter-connected fuel tanks, a top tank forward of the engine box and two rear tanks located either side and below the engine box.

The capacities of the tanks are: top tank 11 litres; left main tank 16 litres; right rear tank 14 litres; giving a total capacity of 41 litres.

All tanks are constructed from fiberglass with copper strips inbuilt for static electricity protection. The tanks have lugs and fittings to securely attach the tanks to the fuselage structure, while allowing ready removal.  Aluminium piping is used to connect between the tanks, fuel panel, engine, fuel filler and fuel drain.

Sealing quick-disconnect junctions are used wherever possible (to minimise installation and removal times for ease of maintenance).

The fuel pickup is situated in the left rear tank with a fuel strainer attached to prevent foreign objects from entering the fuel line. In addition a universal fuel filter is installed between the fuel pickup and the fuel panel and another fuel filter is installed between the fuel panel and the engine. The filters are standard items.

The fuel filler is a quick-disconnect located in the engine box, accessible when the engine is halfway extended or one of the main doors is disconnected. A fuel filling kit consisting of an electrical pump and tube with connector will be provided as standard.

The fuel drain connects from the left rear tank to a drain valve located in the rear of the main undercarriage bay. The fuel overflow (breather) also vents to the main undercarriage bay to avoid any fuel leakage onto the sailplane.

Fuel from the pickup in the left rear tank passes (via a filter) to an automatic shut-off valve controlled by the throttle and then to the fuel panel.

This consists of: a flow meter, the fuel pump, a manual shut-off valve, a manual throttle valve, the starter fuel solenoid with a fuel line feeding the top combustion zone only, and the normal fuel solenoid with a fuel line feeding all combustion zones.






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