I had the pleasure of flying a JS1 Revelation belonging to Stan Palmer in April 2011 in conditions that were predominantly rough wave conditions at the lower altitudes.

I was repeatedly told how well the glider handled in slow flight. This I had to see for myself.

Being 6'5", I was concerned with the size of the cockpit, however after removing the seat back and still wearing a parachute, I was able to comfortably fit into the JS1. I wouldn't think that 9-10 hours in the glider would be a problem.

Ground handling during takeoff was superb with great aileron control. The tow was anticlimactic with continued great handling.

I released in choppy rotor conditions and really wanted to see how the JS1 felt in these type of conditions. Roll rate was great in slow flight, but what really blew my mind was the REALLY GOOD slow flight characteristics in these conditions.

I was flying dry, but was able to comfortably thermal in rough conditions at 42-45 kts and that wasn't even with full thermal flap position. This is the best handling high performance glider at these speeds that I have flown.

I made a few runs at higher speeds and felt that the glider was very solid. Stan said the ship could be flown easily in calm conditions in the pattern at 50 kts. After feeling safe flying the JS1 slower at higher altitudes, I flew the approach and landing at 50 kts and was really impressed with the continued comfort I had at flying the JS1 at the lower end of the speed scale.

I've read from several contributors that this glider could be very safely flown by pilots with very little time in high performance aircraft. I fully agree. The JS1 is extremely easy to fly while at the same time providing the proven high performance, allowing the pilot to focus on what's going on outside.


I'd love to give this ship a go on some super long flights. Way to go Jonker Team!!!!

Gordon Boettger [May 2011]

In early 2011 Gordon flew some exceptional long distance wave flights from Minden, Nevada, most notably a 2200km flight in a Duo Discus. Gordon has broken three US National records in 2011 so far...





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