Jonker Sailplanes is pleased to announce the addition of Jim Lee from Minden, Nevada to the North American sales & service team of Leo and Jen Benetti-Longhini.

Jim’s location in the western US will bring greater geographical representation for JS, and provide customers with another location for demo flights, sales, parts supplies, and ongoing factory support. Jim is also an enthusiastic competition pilot, and will bring the same level of support to fellow pilots during competitions. Per Uys Jonker and Leo Benetti-Longhini, “Jim’s background fits exactly with what we were looking in establishing a broader JS presence in North America and our expanding lineup of sailplanes”.

As Jonker Sailplanes continues to grow its product line, increased sales across the board are expected. The JS forward-looking business plan includes having the required sales and support team in place as the new models come on-line.Jim brings a diverse knowledge base and skill set that dovetails well with this new position. Jim is a glider instructor and also has airplane instrument and instructor ratings with considerable tow plane experience in Pawnees and Cessnas. He has imported aircraft from Europe into the US for 10 years (currently importing the Phoenix motor glider), and understands the process from shipping to customer transition training. He owned and managed a composite manufacturing company for many years, but prefers to use his flight instructing skills to avoid having to use his composite skills.

According to Jim, “The moment I met Uys and Leo, I knew that these were people that I would enjoy working with. When I saw for myself the fantastic performance of the JS-1, and then learned of the future plans of the company, I pushed hard to be included. Uys admitted that I came on like a cowboy with both guns blazing, but I guess that a few of my wild shots hit home. This is going to be one great ride!”

Welcome on board Jim! We look forward to your collaboration with JS. North American pilots interested in Jonker Sailplanes’ products may contact Jim, Leo, or both via or
Geographical Position Jim Lee (L) and Leo Benetti-Longhini (R) pose in front of
Jim’s JS1C 18m/21m jet sustainer sailplane at Jim’s facility in Minden, Nevada, USA.







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