JS3 Options

FAI 15m Class Outboard Wings
• Outboard wingtips (15m wingspan)
• Integral winglets
• Wingtip removable performance skids with optional wingtip wheels
• Complies with FAI 15m class rules with a maximum wing loading of approx. 60kg/m2 [12.3 lb/ft2]
• Fits in standard 15m length Cobra trailer for manageable road transport

Jet Turbine Sustainer System Option
• M&D TJ42 jet turbine generating 40daN [90 lbf] thrust at maximum speed of 97,000 rpm
• Compatible with Jet-A1 or diesel fuel with added lubrication oil
• Fully automated digital engine control (FADEC) system operated by a single switch and digital RPM throttle control including “Full auto start mode”
• Single ψ57 mm (2-Ό inch) colour Jet Display and control Unit (JDU) for system and throttle control, displaying RPM, EGT, fuel level & flow, and battery voltage & capacity.
• Engine and mechanical systems mounted in monocoque carbon fibre box, easily removable for maintainability
• Fuselage mounted fuel tanks with integral fuel quantity sensors and filters
• Engine extension and retraction using an electrical linear actuator with mechanical sequencing to close engine bay doors in extended and retracted positions
• 12V LiFePo main battery with circuit breaker box and dual supply connectors
• On board self-contained refueling system (battery driven) with fuel filler connector in engine box for supply
• Lightweight earphones with small jack on instrument panel

Note: Staged pricing of the Jet Sustainer is available to allow the complete electromechanical and fuel system to be installed during aircraft manufacture and later installation of the jet engine

Front Electric Sustainer (FES) System Option

• LZ Design 23 kW brushless DC motor with ψ1.0m folding carbon-fibre blades and nose inlet cooling
• Single ψ57 mm (2-Ό inch) colour Flight Control Unit (FCU) for system and throttle control, braking and auto-centering of blades, display of RPM, power, current, voltage, and temperatures of batteries, motor& controller
• Batteries (4.2 kWh total capacity) stored in carbon-fibre box with removable cover for ease of access
• Battery chargers (x2) and optional LCD portable battery charging/health monitor







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