M&D Flugzeugbau applies for EASA Type Certification for the JS1






I was lucky enough to be part of the British Team for the World Gliding Championship in Benalla in Open Class. Having in recent years specialised in 18m class, I had the opportunity of choosing either 18m or Open Class for this event.....




The JS3 is a high-performance FAI 15-metre Class sailplane, fully-equipped in its baseline standard. An optional Jet Sustainer System or FES will be available.




At this year's SGP Final, which took place in Potchefstroom from the 6th till 12th November, I became World Champion for the third time after 1999 in Bayreuth and 2003 in Leszno. And still this competition was completely different!




Jonker Sailplanes is pleased to announce the addition of Jim Lee from Minden, Nevada to the North American sales & service team of Leo and Jen Benetti-Longhini.

Jim’s location in the western US will bring greater geographical representation for JS, and provide customers with another location for demo flights, sales, parts supplies, and ongoing factory support.




We are revamping our website and marketing image and need your help. We are searching for any great high resolution photos of the JS1. The top 10 photos each month will be chosen of which the winner will be drawn. The winner will receive a JS1 merchandise hamper.




The JS factory is a model of efficiency with the majority of its electrical needs produced from solar power. On 20 March 2016 the 50.96kWp PV solar system was commissioned. The daily production potential exceeds300 kWh with a CO2 reduction of 200 kg.


USA 2016 Nationals, Nephi


The USA 2016 Open, 15m, and Standard Class Nationals just finished in Nephi, Utah. JS was in the privileged position to attend this breathtaking event flying with the top USA pilots.




Congratulations to the certification team of JS completing the SACAA Type certification process for JET Sustainer variant of the JS1. This follows the successful completion of the EASA TC of the MD-TJ42 jet turbine by M&D Flugzeugbau at the end of 2015.


JS1 Self Launcher


JS1 Self Launcher is entering its prototyping phases. Follow the progress of this exciting project with us on facebook and on our website.


LX Navigation-Alföldi Cup 2016


So Uys decided that business is not business if there is not a bit of competition involved. After winning day 3, and taking second place day 4 and 5, Uys finally took the Lead and won the LX Navigation-Alföldi Cup 2016, Mixed Open class, with 3411 points!


Flight Challenge Cup Gliding 2016 10.04. - 21.04.2016 Prievidza - Slovakia.


Congratulations to Sebastian Kawa and Adam Czeladzki who ended in the second and third places in the mixed class at the Flight Challenge Cup Gliding 2016 10.04. - 21.04.2016 Prievidza - Slovakia.


Flight Challenge Cup Gliding 2016, First for Sebastian Kawa in a JS


Congratulations to Sebastian Kawa and Adam Czeladzki who ended in the second and third places

in the mixed class at the Flight Challenge Cup Gliding 2016 10.04. - 21.04.2016 Prievidza - Slovakia.


The 100th JS1, the start of a new era

The 100th JS1 Revelation had its test flight in December 2015. To celebrate this milestone a prestigious event was held in February this year to celebrate with all our customers, agents, funders, and suppliers! The celebrations were held at The Roots conference center in Potchefstroom on 4 February 2016. It was an afternoon filled with marvelous surprises like factory tours, exhibitions, a few glider formation flybys and a very entertaining programme showing the progress of the JS.

1 week to go to the JS1 100th


750km & 500km records -Anders M. Andersen (DK)

Anders Andersen completed a few flights this year in Potchefstroom and Bloemfontein this year. His flights. He completed 750km and 500km distances in new records. Well done Anders!
Check out his flights

750km & 1000km records - Edward Downham (UK)

JS would like to congratulate Edward Downham with his spectacular, Free Out and Return Distance, 1000km and 750 km performances in his JS1C in Bloemfontein this December !
Check out all his flights


In 2009 Jonker Sailplanes and M&D Flugzeugbau, started a 6-year long adventure, the JS1 JET. This project included the installation of the MD TJ 42 sustainer engine, with a radial flow compressor and a single stage turbine, into the JS1. Finally, all the hard work has paid off, and the MD TJ 42 is EASA type certified, and the SACAA JS1 JET certification in the final stages of approval!

100 down, many more to come!

100 down, many more to come! Well done to the entire JS team. Thank you for all your hard work. Congratulations to the owner, Andreas Kuhl, may you soar many thermals in the 100th JS1!

Congratulations to the JWGC 2015 winners

Congratulations to the club class winner, Tom Arscott (GBR) 9155pt and of the standards class winner, Matthew Scutter (AUS) 9070 pts.


JS sponser FAI 9th Junior World Gliding Championships 2015, Narromine, Australia


FAI Sailplane Grand Prix - Series VI World Final - Varese, Italy

Team JS would like to congratulate everyone involved in the 2015 SGP for delivering such a spectacular event! A special word of congratulations to the winners, Maximilian Seis and Christophe Ruch from France and Sebastian Kawa from Poland.

JS pilot cleaning up the UK Open Class Nationals


JS pilot cleaning up the UK Open Class Nationals

The 2015 UK Nationals, hosted by the Cambridge Gliding Club, was dominated by the JS pilots. Seven JS1s entered the competition - and seven finished in the top seven! What a remarkable result.


JS takes first four places in Europeans Open Class


Team JS would like to congratulate all the pilots participating in the EGC 2015. A special word of congratulations must go to Lukasz Wocjek, Adam Czeladzki and Jereon Verkuil, cleaning up the Open Class.


Nomination Ocseny


Congratulations to Adam Czeladzki who has been selected to present Poland in the 2015 European Gliding Championships. What make this achieve so special is the fact that Adam does not have the use of his legs, and when flying he only uses hand control. Jonker Sailplanes is proud be associated with people like Adam with courage and persistence – Adam finished recently second during the Polish National in the Open Class. Well done!


French Championships


French Championships 2015 (Open Class)
Buno -Bonneveaux, France
21 May - 30 May 2015.

Killian Walbrou won the competition and Sébastien Dubreuil came third.
On the photo: Sébastien Dubreuil (left) and Killian Walbrou (right)


JS as the Aero Friedrichshafen


JS will presenting our latest JS1-18/21 Evo fitted with the Jet Turbine at this year’s AERO EXPO Friedrichshafen from 15 to 18 April 2015. With more than 600 exhibitors from 35 countries, 33,000 visitors and 600 journalists from all over the world, the AERO Friedrichshafen is the international community’s annual meeting place.


MRC Announcement


Another first for JS - the first flapped 18/21m high performance glider fitted with a manual hand rudder control (“MRC”) for pilots with reduced leg functionality.


JS announces partnership with M&D Flugzeugbau


In March 2010 the JS1 Revelation gained its official Type Certification by the South African Civil Aviation Authorities (SACAA). The certification has been awarded only after rigorous analysis and testing, with robust compliance verification by SACAA.


JS dominates 18m and Open Class in the 33rd World Gliding Championships


The 33rd World Gliding Championships for the 15m, 18m and Open Class were held in Leszno, Poland from 26 July to 9 August 2014.

133 pilots from all over the world gathered with the latest equipment to determine the best glider pilots.


JS Releases JS1C-18 EVO model: 24 July 2014



Jonker Sailplanes is proud to announce our improved 18m sailplane, the JS1C-18 EVO. This dream sailplane, that evolved from the JS1-C18 model, will be revealed at the 33rd World Gliding Championships in Leszno, Poland


Lukasz Wojcik
2015 EGC, Open Class, 1st
2014 WGC, 18m class, 3rd
2013 Polish Nationals, Open Class, 1st
John Coutts
2014 WGC, 18m class, 2nd
Andy Davis
2015 UK Nationals, Open Class, 1st
2015 EGC, 18m class, 3rd
2014 WGC, Open Class, 2nd
2014 UK Nationals, 18m Class, 1st
2014 UK Nationals, Open Class, 1st
2013 UK Nationals, Open Class, 1st
2012 African Grand Prix Potchefstroom, 1st
2010 British Nationals, Open Class , 1st
2010 UK Nationals, 18m class, 2nd
2009 British Nationals, 18m class, 1st
Killian Walbrou
2014 WGC, Open Class, 3rd
2013 European GC, Open Class, 2nd
Uys Jonker
2014 WGC, 18m class, 5th
2014 SA Nationals, Open Class, 1st
2012 World GC (Uvalde),18m class, 6th
2010 World GC, 18m class, 2nd
2009 SA Nationals, Open Class, 1st
Russel Cheetham
2014 WGC, 18m class, 4th
2013 UK Nationals, 18m class, 1st
2013 UK Nationals, Open class, 2nd
2012 Hahnweide (Germany), 18m class, 1st
2012 UK Nationals, 18m class, 2nd
2012 World GC (Uvalde), 18m class, 4th
2011 European GC (Lithuania), 18m class, 3rd
Bill Gawthrop
2014 USA Nationals, Open Class, 1st
Anders Anderson - Danish Records
Out and return distance 912,3 km
Free out and return distance 918,6 km
Speed 100K triangle 164,62 kph
Speed 300K triangle 161,7 kph
Speed 300K out and return 175,9 kph
Speed 500K out and return 175,9 kph

Shaun Lapworth
British Records:
Speed 300K triangle 168,2 kph
Speed 300K triangle 168,2 kph

Attie Jonker
2013 NW Regionals, Open Class, 2nd
2010 World GC, 18m class, 5th
2008 SA Nationals, Open Class, 1st
2007 SA Nationals, Open Class, 1st
2006 SA Nationals, Open Class, 1st
Oscar Goudriaan
2013 SA Nationals, Open Class, 1st
2012 World GC (Uvalde), Open Class, 3rd
2011 SA Nationals, Open Class, 1st
2010 SA Nationals, Open Class, 1st
Christophe COUSSEAU
2013 European GC,  18m class, 2nd
Bruce Taylor
2012 World GC (Uvalde), Open Class, 6th
2011 Australian Grand Prix, 1st
Ronald Termaat
2013 European GC, Open Class
2012 Dutch Nationals, Open Class , 1st
2012 World GC (Uvalde), 18m class , 7th
2011Dutch Open Class Nationals, 1st
Bill Elliot
2008 USA Nationals, 18m class, 1st
Brett Hunter
2012 NZ Nationals, Open Class, 1st
November 2012 - SA Grand Prix
Andy Davis :1st place
Oscar Goudriaan : 2nd place
Laurens Goudriaan: 3rd place
August 2012 Oscar Goudriaan finished 3rd in the Open Class in the JS1-C 21m.

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