M&D Flugzeugbau applies for EASA Type Certification for the JS1




MRC Announcement


Another first for JS - the first flapped 18/21m high performance glider fitted with a manual hand rudder control (“MRC”) for pilots with reduced leg functionality.


JS announces partnership with M&D Flugzeugbau


In March 2010 the JS1 Revelation gained its official Type Certification by the South African Civil Aviation Authorities (SACAA). The certification has been awarded only after rigorous analysis and testing, with robust compliance verification by SACAA.


JS dominates 18m and Open Class in the 33rd World Gliding Championships


The 33rd World Gliding Championships for the 15m, 18m and Open Class were held in Leszno, Poland from 26 July to 9 August 2014.

133 pilots from all over the world gathered with the latest equipment to determine the best glider pilots.


JS Releases JS1C-18 EVO model: 24 July 2014



Jonker Sailplanes is proud to announce our improved 18m sailplane, the JS1C-18 EVO. This dream sailplane, that evolved from the JS1-C18 model, will be revealed at the 33rd World Gliding Championships in Leszno, Poland

Good Luck wishes to all JS pilots in the world and specially to the SA team...

2014 UK Nationals, 18m Class, 1st


Andy Davis flying his JS1C "80" won the 2014 UK 18 Metre Class Nationals, held at Husbands Bosworth from 5-13th July 2014. British Team Pilot Russell Cheetham placed second overall in his JS1C and Andy's Team-mate in the British Open Class Team for the forthcoming World Gliding Championships in Poland, Pete Harvey, also flying a JS1C placed 5th overall, dropping out of 2nd place following a technical outlanding after missing the last TP of the last task by 100 metres.


2014 SSA Nationals, Open Class, 1st


Bill Gawthrop won the 2014 SSA Open Class Nationals flying his JS1C "F8". This was Bill's first year competing wih his JS1. The contest was held in conjunction with the 15m Nationals in Montague, California from June 24th to July 3rd. Congratulations Bill! We look forward to seeing you in a future WGC.


Danish Record


Congratulations to Anders Andersen who is now holding the Danish record for both the 300 and 500km triangles with a speed of 161.71 km/h. Anders completed these flight in his 18m JS1-A, tailnumber “S”, taking off from Bloemfontein.


British National record for both 300 and 500 km triangle


Congratulations to Shaun Lapworth on receiving official notification from the British Gliding Association that his 506 km triangle flight at an average speed of 168.2 km/h flown from New Tempe, South Africa, on 2nd January 2014 has been accepted as a British National record for both 300 and 500 km triangle.

Some days in Africa are just amazing - 5 November 2013


The longest glider flights ever from Potchefstroom has been recorded on Tuesday 5 November 2013! John Coutts, flying a JS1-A, Uys Jonker in his JS1-B and Oscar Goudriaan in his 21m JS1-C set of on a declared 1000km task. Oscar explains the day on SoaringCafe (http://soaringcafe.com) as follows:

Potch-Harrismith-Lesotho-Potch flight 750km - 2 November 2013


Great flying day! Uys and John Coutts did the Potch-Harrismith - Lesotho-Potch flight (750km)

First two 1000km flights for the season in South Africa completed


The first two 1000km flights for the season in South Africa were successfully completed today  11 October 2013 by Oscar Goudriaan and Pieter Nouwens.

North West Regional Gliding Championships - 21 September 2013


Potchefstroom Akavlieg Gliding Club hosted the 2013 North West Regionals Gliding Championships, that finished today. Thirty three pilots participated in three classes, Open, 15m and Club Class.

Test flight of the 52th JS1 - 6 September 2013


The test flight of the the 52th JS1 - the Certificate of Airworthiness was just issued today by the SACAA, just in time for the handover this weekend!

Russell Cheetham wins the UK 18 Metre Nationals in his JS1-C


Congratulations to Russell Cheetham on winning the UK 18 Metre Class Nationals, Bicester 17- 25th August 2013.

Flying his JS1-C, Russell flew steadily and consistently to take first place in a highly competitive and closely fought competition featuring many current and former British Team pilots and international medal winners.

JS1 winning the Polish Nationals


JS1 winning the Polish Nationals!

Last competition day of the Polish Nationals showed much better weather. The task was big and all the time of the day was needed to fly the 528km.

Karol Staryszak won the day, but Łukasz Wójcik flying the JS1 won the competition!
Very well done Łukasz and congratulations from Jonker Sailplanes!

21 metre JS1-C takes top three places in 2013 UK Open Class Nationals


Three 21 metre JS1-C Revelations flown by British Team pilot Russell Cheetham, former Standard Class World Champion Andy Davis and Iain Evans competed in the Open Class at the combined UK Open and Standard Class Nationals held at Aston Down from 3rd to 11th August 2013


John Coutts
2014 WGC, 18m class, 2nd
Andy Davis
2014 WGC, Open Class, 2nd
2014 UK Nationals, 18m Class, 1st
2014 UK Nationals, Open Class, 1st
2013 UK Nationals, Open Class, 1st
2012 African Grand Prix Potchefstroom, 1st
2010 British Nationals, Open Class , 1st
2010 UK Nationals, 18m class, 2nd
2009 British Nationals, 18m class, 1st
Killian Walbrou
2014 WGC, Open Class, 3rd
2013 European GC, Open Class, 2nd
Lukasz Wojcik
2014 WGC, 18m class, 3rd
2013 Polish Nationals, Open Class, 1st
Uys Jonker
2014 WGC, 18m class, 5th
2014 SA Nationals, Open Class, 1st
2012 World GC (Uvalde),18m class, 6th
2010 World GC, 18m class, 2nd
2009 SA Nationals, Open Class, 1st
Russel Cheetham
2014 WGC, 18m class, 4th
2013 UK Nationals, 18m class, 1st
2013 UK Nationals, Open class, 2nd
2012 Hahnweide (Germany), 18m class, 1st
2012 UK Nationals, 18m class, 2nd
2012 World GC (Uvalde), 18m class, 4th
2011 European GC (Lithuania), 18m class, 3rd
Bill Gawthrop
2014 USA Nationals, Open Class, 1st
Anders Anderson - Danish Records
Out and return distance 912,3 km
Free out and return distance 918,6 km
Speed 100K triangle 164,62 kph
Speed 300K triangle 161,7 kph
Speed 300K out and return 175,9 kph
Speed 500K out and return 175,9 kph

Shaun Lapworth
British Records:
Speed 300K triangle 168,2 kph
Speed 300K triangle 168,2 kph

Attie Jonker
2013 NW Regionals, Open Class, 2nd
2010 World GC, 18m class, 5th
2008 SA Nationals, Open Class, 1st
2007 SA Nationals, Open Class, 1st
2006 SA Nationals, Open Class, 1st
Oscar Goudriaan
2013 SA Nationals, Open Class, 1st
2012 World GC (Uvalde), Open Class, 3rd
2011 SA Nationals, Open Class, 1st
2010 SA Nationals, Open Class, 1st
Christophe COUSSEAU
2013 European GC,  18m class, 2nd
Bruce Taylor
2012 World GC (Uvalde), Open Class, 6th
2011 Australian Grand Prix, 1st
Ronald Termaat
2013 European GC, Open Class
2012 Dutch Nationals, Open Class , 1st
2012 World GC (Uvalde), 18m class , 7th
2011Dutch Open Class Nationals, 1st
Bill Elliot
2008 USA Nationals, 18m class, 1st
Brett Hunter
2012 NZ Nationals, Open Class, 1st
November 2012 - SA Grand Prix
Andy Davis :1st place
Oscar Goudriaan : 2nd place
Laurens Goudriaan: 3rd place
August 2012 Oscar Goudriaan finished 3rd in the Open Class in the JS1-C 21m.

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