The 100th JS1, the start of a new era.

The 100th JS1 Revelation had its test flight in December 2015. To celebrate this milestone a prestigious event was held in February this year to celebrate with all our customers, agents, funders, and suppliers! The celebrations were held at The Roots conference center in Potchefstroom on 4 February 2016. It was an afternoon filled with marvelous surprises like factory tours, exhibitions, a few glider formation flybys and a very entertaining programme showing the progress of the JS.A few guests had the opportunity to visit the factory around 2 O’Clock and received a guided tour through all the stages. All the manufacturing processes were explained in personal groups. While the guests waited for their tour to begin, they could snack on a few delicious platters, be entertained by JS videos on a big screen, and talk to some of our JS personnel. After the factory tour, everyone proceeded to the venue for the actual event.

The guests arrived around 4 O’Clock at The Roots and was welcomed with floating starters and drinks, served on some very practical JS plates. They were entertained by two gliders, the JS1 revelation’s serial one, and serial ninety-nine. A few stalls are exhibiting internal parts, and some interesting JS models also formed part of the exhibition. Next, on the programme was the JS Flyby.

Oscar, Lourens, and AP ensured that there was no boring moment during the small airshow. The guests were able to witness some spectacular flybys, formations, and some almost aerobatic movements. Every moment was filled with a surprise and guests could even listen to radio communication on ground. The airshow ended on a remarkable note and guest were given a few moments to take all the excitement in before proceeding to the main event.

The main show started with an interesting take by providing the general guidelines with the evening in the form of a witty air hostess. The evening as followed by a programme filled with short video clips of JS with narrated stories in between about the history of gliding. Some dancers and a band also ensured that guest never had a dull moment. The entire theme, from the decor, the show, and even the food had some resemblance to aviation. The evening was ended by Niels Sundberg presenting some gifts to Uys, Attie en Bossie for their great achievements with the company so far.

The JS1 revelation entered a new era as it has reached its triple figures and Uys ensured the guests that this is merely just the beginning of the JS Legend...







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