Since the JS1 Revelation is already very complete in its baseline standard then only a few options are available.

Open Class 21m Option
  • Integral winglets - interchangeable with 18-metre EVO wingtips - with fixed wingtip wheels

  • Integral wingtip tanks with capacity of approximately 18 litres (each)

  • Sprung-loaded dump valves, allowing independent jettison of main wing tank water ballast

  • Wingtip tank filling equipment

  • Certified for 720kg Maximum All up Weight, with a maximum wing loading of 58.7 kg/m2

Jet Turbine Sustainer System Option

  • M&D TJ42 jet turbine generating 40 kgf at maximum speed of 98,000 rpm

  • Fuel: Jet A1 or diesel fuel with added lubrication oil

  • Fully automated computer controlled system operated by a single switch and digital RPM throttle control

  • Single 57mm colour Jet Display and Control Unit for system and throttle control, displaying RPM, EGT, Fuel level and flow and battery voltage and capacity.

  • Engine and mechanical systems mounted in monocoque carbon-fibre box, easily removable for maintainability

  • Three fuselage mounted fuel tanks with integral fuel quantity sensors and filters, useable capacity of 42 litres, with fuel filler in engine box for external refueling

  • Engine extension and retraction using an electrical linear actuator with mechanical sequencing to close engine bay doors in extended and retracted position

  • Staged pricing of the jet sustainer is available to allow the complete electromechanical and fuel system to be installed during aircraft manufacture and later installation of the jet engine

  • 12V LiFePo 10Ah main battery with circuit breaker box and duel supply connectors replacing one Avionic Lead Acid battery

  • Nose ballast system with lead plates

Main options

  • JS1-C Revelation, complete with standard features and 18m wingtips

  • 21m Open Class Wingtips

  • Complete Jet sustainer system (including installation)

General and Safety Options

  • Landing gear warning micro-switches (installed)

  • ELT installation, including brackets

  • Transponder antenna and cabling (installed)

  • TOST™ C.G. release hook and cabling (installed)

  • Anti-collision markings (clear-coated luminescent paint)

  • Anti-collision strobe lighting in tail fin leading edge

  • Clear canopy (instead of standard green tinted canopy)

  • Solar panel system (7.5W, not compatible with sustainer)

  • Leather cockpit interior

Performance Options and Components

  • Flap-driven cruise/climb micro-switch (installed)

  • Recessed paint contest and registration markings

  • Low drag tail wheel hub (200x50 Vesconite or Brass)

  • Low profile tail wheel carbon-fibre fairing for 200x50 hub

  • Nose ballast system with lead plates

  • Vacuum-formed Cheetham rudder fairings (pair)

  • Fitting of Cheetham rudder fairings

  • Bug wiper electronic control system (installed)

  • JS Bug wipers (pair)

  • Racing skids/tie-down plates for 18m tips (pair)

Accessories, Equipment, and Spares

  • All-weather covers – complete aircraft

  • Hangar dust covers – complete aircraft

  • Wing walker

  • Wing stand (each)

  • Tow-out bar (specify ball diameter 50 mm or 2.0 inch)

  • Smart charger (LiFePo, Pb, LiPo, NiCd)

  • 12V Lead acid 9Ah main battery with circuit breaker box

  • 12V LiFePo 10Ah main battery with circuit breaker box

  • 12V LiFePo 12Ah tail battery with circuit breaker

  • Tail wheel hub (210x65 Vesconite or brass)

Jet System Components

  • Jet sustainer system (excluding Engine and Display Unit)

  • M&D TJ42 Jet sustainer engine

  • Jet Display and control Unit (JDU), 57mm panel mount instrument





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