At the training camp in Tswalu in 2007 I had the chance to fly the brand new prototype of the JS1. I was quite curious after all the discussions going on about it on internet.

It was a good day (we had only good days there) and Attie filled the ballast tanks up, which made the weight some 20 or 30 kg below the maximum of 600 kg with my 80 kg in the cockpit. To get to full TOW with light pilots it might need an additional water tank (fuselage?).

I felt immediately very comfortable with the seating position more upright than in most other gliders. There is a lot of space, controls and handles are all easy to reach. The visibility is outstanding.

It was still blue when I released low in a bubble which I expected to be a good thermal. It wasn’t, and so I had the chance to see how the JS behaves when struggling away from low level in broken lift. The JS1 made it easy for me being extremely stable. It gives a safe feeling from the very beginning.

Finding and keeping the right speed for thermalling is natural. The stability gave me the impression of flying a bigger glider than the other 18m-ships, but it never felt sluggish.

With full aileron and rudder the rate of roll is very similar to that of its competitors, and very harmonic. Only the first few centimeters of the stick movement doesn’t give much of a response. Noise level is low, the seal of the canopy seems to work well. The vent system is also very quiet but could generate a little bit more airflow. Attie said this will be changed in serial production.

All together it made a very positive impression. The workmanship is outstanding for a prototype down to little details in the cockpit.

Certainly the same level as serial produced German gliders.

Unfortunately I had no chance to make a serious comparison in performance. My observations during flying against the JS1 during the 2 weeks (with Attie as pilot) with several different gliders gave me the impression that it performs very well in strong conditions, probably equal to the benchmark (Ventus 2cx, ASG 29). It will be interesting to see it in the first big events next year in Europe.





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